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REV XP demo sled
Weighing in the new REV XP demo sled:
417 lbs (super light)
Big Dawg Shootout
Drag races at the Big Dawg Shootout
in Pemberton B.C.
Awesome riding country in Pemberton
Big Dawg Shootout
Our group of riders watchin' the drags
at the Big Dawg Shootout
ATV Riding in Conconully
Doing some ATV riding up in
Conconully, Memorial weekend
Jesse Morris
Jesse Morris bustin' through a drift
on his Outlander 800
Jumpstarting the turbo
Jump starting the turbo
Darren Goetz & Blair Morgan
Darren Goetz with Blair Morgan
Chad Stansbury & Blair Morgan
Chad Stansbury with Blair Morgan
Brian Whitley
Brian Whitley on his mom's freestyle
at the Loup Loup Hillclimb
Rick Rose
Rick Rose winner of Stock 600
Oval Track Races in Republic
Darren Goetz
Darren Goetz winner of Stock 800
Watercrossing - Darren
Watercrossing at Banks Lake:
Darren getting ready to sink
Watercrossing - Brian
Brian tearing it up
Watercrossing - Mark Sanderlin
Mark Sanderlin on his King Cat
Watercrossing - Bert Sasse
Bert Sasse showing the boys
how it's done
watercrossing - Jason Allen
Jason Allen on his 700 Yamaha
Turbo Drag
Drag racin' the turbo
Repulic Oval Track
Oval track racing in Republic
Darren on his XP
XP Drag
Drag racin' the XP
Puyallup Snow Show Booth
Our Puyallup Snow Show Booth
Puyallup Snow Show Sleds
The Sleds we brought to the Puyallup Snow Show
Puyallup Snow Show 1200 Turbo
The 1200 Turbo at the Puyallup Snow Show
Ski-Doo Dealer Meeting
Ski-Doo Dealer Meeting
Ski-Doo Dealer Meeting
Ski-Doo Dealer Meeting
Ski-Doo Dealer Meeting
Ski-Doo Dealer Meeting