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Here at Xtreme Powersports we build custom sleds. We do it all, from turbos to deep powder suspensions. Bring your sled to us and we can turn it into a hill climbing machine. Here are some pictures of some of the sleds we have built.

NEW 800 E-TEC Performance Kit
10 Horse Power Increase with porting and V Force 3 reeds
This kit is super reliable, no problems! Starting at $800. Call today for details.

Click here to check out a 2011 Ski-doo 800 ETEC with BoonDocker Turbo Kit installed!
The sled runs perfect! It has over 500 miles on it with no issues yet. Huge power with close to 240HP. Great throttle responce, harldy any turbo lag, very rideable power. Just pull the cord and go, no tuning on the trail. It automatically adjusts boost/fuel for elevation, temperature, etc. Call us for pricing and details.

860 Big Bore for 800R $1,899
Reliability, dependability, and shear added horsepower are some of the comments from last year's engine testers and riders. Typical hp gains are 17-19 hp and 12-14 ft. of torque. Kit includes pistons, billet head, boring, porting, plating,y-pipe , and all necessary gaskets are included in the kit.

Extreme Kit XP Performance Package:
With porting: $1699
Without porting $1375
This package provides customers with the most performance available from their XP on 91 octane pump fuel. It combines an SLP Single Pipe, High Flow™ Intake Kit, Power Dome™ Billet Heads, Porting and V-Force 3 Reeds to provide 165.9 hp. Some additional clutching parts are required that can be purchased separately. Please inquire. We also have kit that doesn't require cylinder porting.

2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo Specs:

  • MC Xpress turbo kit
  • boost gauge pump: 8lbs boost, 230hp, or 98 octane, 12lbs boost, 275hp
  • will be based on Ski-doo MZ Renegade X 1200 Chassis
  • extended tunnel rear suspension
  • will be SC-5 coupled rear suspension
  • billet ice age rails
  • front suspension
  • will have summit A-arms installed to narrow ski stance to 41" track length
  • 146", 154", 163" paddles by 2.68" pitch
  • 16" width non-ported Camoplast track
  • sled colors will be white/red or black/yellow
  • sled will come with a one year warranty
  • price will be $24,999 with $1000 deposit required to snow check sled.
  • Higher horsepower applications are available.  Call for details.
  • tunnel and suspension are available

Order Your Turbo Kit - Click Here 

Click an image to get a closer look.

2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo 2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo 2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo
2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo 2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo 2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo
2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo 2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo 2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo
2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo     2010 Ski-doo 1200 Summit Turbo

Project turbo Yamadoo
Start of project turbo Yamadoo
Yamaha to Ski-doo
Trying to figure out how to
turn a Yamaha into a Ski-Doo
Installing motor & Garret 28rs
Installing the motor and
Garret 28 RS turbo
Reassemble Chassis
Starting to reassemble chassis
after powder coating
Intercooler Installed
Intercooler installed
Finished Product for Puyallup Snow Show
Finished product at the Puyallup Snow Show:
2003 turbo'd Yamaha RX-1 motor
in a Ski-Doo chassis
Darren Goetz
Darren Goetz and his Yamadoo
Brian Whitley
Brian Whitley and his Yamadoo
David Carnes
David Carnes' turbo'd Yamaha Vector
Vector Turbo
Vector turbo
Eric Eberlien
Eric Eberlien's 2006 800 MXZ
deep powder sled
2004 800 rev with nytrous
Chad Stanbury's 2004 800 Rev
with nitrous
Ski-Doo Renegade 1200 MCX Turbo
Ski-Doo Renegade 1200 MCX Ski-Doo Renegade 1200 MCX Ski-Doo Renegade 1200 MCX
  • MCX turbo kit with 19T Mitsubishi turbo
  • Carillo rods
  • JE 9:1 pistons
  • 350 plus horsepower
2010 Can-Am Renegade XXC 800 Turbo
Can-Am Renegade XXC Can-Am Renegade XXC Can-Am Renegade XXC
We installed a trask performance intercooled turbo modified to work with power steering.

We also installed Ron Wood's oversized valves, springs, and race camshafts.

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